The Sword is Mightier than Love (愛よりも剣) is a semi-fictional, minor gamble featured in the Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: Kazuya-hen arc of Kaiji.

The gamble is shown when Kaiji starts reading the novel Kazuya wrote about it.


The gamble involves the participants being trapped within boxes. Each box has a set of 7 slots making a total of 14 slots. 9 swords must be inserted into these numbered slots. 9 slots have metal plates hidden behind them to prevent the sword from inflicting damage to the participant while the others do not.

The two participants must take turns deciding where to insert the swords; they can choose to insert the swords into their own slot (as a sacrifice for the other participant) or the slot of the other participant.

There are a total of 9 metal plates hidden behind the 14 slots making it possible to end the gamble without anyone getting penetrated by the swords. The chances are extremely low for this to occur.

The gamble ends when all 9 swords are inserted into the slots. Even if one of the participants dies during the gamble, all the remaining swords must be used up.





  • The gamble itself was never officially given a name. It is assumed to be named after the name of the novel itself.
  • The gamble may be inspired by the game Pop-up Pirate.
  • It is the only gamble in the series that Kaiji has absolutely no involvement in.
  • It is the only gamble in the series that has a female participant.
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