The Slot Apocalypse Kaiji 3 (パチスロ 回胴黙示録カイジ3) is a pachislot machine created based on the series. It is not the first pachislot machine based on the series, but it is the most notable one.

Its notable feature is that it reuses animation assets from the anime series and has its own art assets created specifically for it. It also introduces characters (such as Takashi Muraoka and Kazuya Hyōdō) and plot not yet adapted into the anime series.

The company that developed the pachislot machine also released the soundtrack.




Pachinko Series Characters


  • Takashi Muraoka and Kazuya Hyōdō were first included in the pachislot series in the 2nd pachislot machine.[1]
    • The 2nd pachislot machine was released in 2008, the same year Season 1 finished.
    • Unlike the 3rd pachislot machine, the 2nd pachislot machine uses a different animation style.
  • Mirei, Yukino and Anne are characters exclusive to the pachislot series.
    • Each pachislot machine in the series introduced one of these characters, with Mirei being introduced in the 1st,[2] Yukino in the 2nd,[1] and Anne in the 3rd.
  • The pachislot machine reuses character sheets made from Season 2 as seen evidently by comparing the magazine scan to the character profile image uploaded on the pachislot site.

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