The Princess and the Slave (姫と奴隷) is a gamble only seen in the second live action film adaptation, Kaiji 2: Jinsei Gyakuten Gemu.

It is held at the casino Ichijō is managing and is meant to be a replacement for the Steel Frame Crossing as the Starside Hotel had completed its construction by the start of the second film.


The slave (the challenger who is in a lot of debt) is locked in a state where his legs are chained to a bust and is imprisoned in an enclosed space with no way to escape where three cages are in front of the slave and the audience is above them. The slave must randomly choose one of the three buttons, and pressing a button opens one linked cage. If the slave manages to choose the correct button it will open the cage with the princess (a friend or someone who knows the challenger), the slave will be released and will receive the prize money of ¥30 million. However, if the slave chooses one of the two wrong buttons it will open the other two cages and the slave will be attacked and eaten by the caged lion.

If a button is chosen the princess is notified on the spot and the princess can tell the slave if their choice is correct. However, there is no guarantee that the princess will tell if the button is correct as ¥3 million will be awarded to the princess if the slave dies. The slave will be exposed to death unless they can properly see the truth in the remarks of the princess.

There seems to be no reason for the princess to betray the slave aside from monetary gain, but it must also be noted that the slave is chosen from those who have a large amount of debt and even if they receive the ¥30 million, most of it will be gone by repaying the debt that got them there in the first place.



Production Artwork[1]


  • The author of the series Nobuyuki Fukumoto invented it for the live action film adaptation.
    • The gamble does not appear in the main series.
  • It was originally supposed to be named "The Lady, or the Tiger?", the same title of the short story by Frank R. Stockton. But because the film staff could not procure a tiger and instead had to use a lion, the title was changed.
    • The gamble shares a similar premise to the short story.



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