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The Bog (パチンコ「沼) is a pachinko machine designed and created by Ichijō.

Only two people are known to have ever beaten the Bog before Kaiji's attempt which Sakazaki refers as meisters of the Bog; Hyōdō and Tonegawa.

When Kaiji first comes across the Bog the jackpot is ¥550 million but when he plays it the jackpot has risen to over ¥700 million.


The Bog is an elaborate pachinko machine in a high-stakes casino featuring a payout of 100% of the earnings from the machine.

Taking this into consideration the house has set up state-of-the-art countermeasures to ensure victory such as;

  • Using 3 different nail patterns of varying tightness (A - 1 in 30 balls make it to the flippers, B - 1 in 60, C - 1 in 100). Each day has an assigned pattern, and the more difficult the pattern is, the more days it has assigned to it.
  • Replacing the steel balls with brass balls on special occasions to prevent cheating with magnets.
  • Using the flippers to knock away balls by using a sensor to detect any balls approaching it.
  • Tilting the trays, the floor, and the Bog itself with a remote.
  • The ultimate defense is a wall of highly pressurized air shooting around the winning hole.

The only way to win at the pachinko machine is either the house permits the player to win (such as the case of Hyōdō and Tonegawa) or the player attempts to cheat at it.



Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa


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