The Starside Hotel consists of 3 skyscrapers (with an additional 1 under construction half way) linked together by skybridges. Although not explicitly stated, it can be assumed that it is under the Teiai Corporation management as they sponsor the gambles that take place there.

Tonegawa explains that the building is still under construction and the upper rooms can only be accessed by using the steel frame crossing.

This may be a ruse due to the fact there are blacksuits and audience members present inside the building, watching the gamble unfold from the end of the steel frame crossing.

This is where Kaiji participates in the Steel Frame Crossing, E-Card and Tissue Box Raffle gambles.


Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa


  • A total of three (four if Steel Frame Crossing is considered two) gambles take place here making it the location in the series with the most gambles Kaiji has participated in.
  • In the live action film adaptations, it consists only of two buildings instead of three (or four).
    • This is also used as the headquarters of Teiai.
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