One Poker is a card game designed by Kazuya to be played using two standard decks of playing cards.[1]


Rather than deciding the victor via hands such as straight, flush, etc., each hand consists of just one card and is ranked according to its normal value, suits not factoring into the value at all.[1]

In addition, like in the E-Card gamble, the absolute weakest card beats the absolute strongest card--a 2 is the absolute weakest, and an ace is the absolute strongest, so the 2 wins against an ace. If both players play a card of equal value, it is a tie. At the start of each round, players have two cards and must play one of them, with the most valuable card being the winner. Lights in front of each player indicate whether their cards are "up" (higher value) or "down" (lower value).[1]

Standard poker betting rules apply and the cards of both players are always revealed after betting even if one player folds (but they don't affect the outcome in that case).[1]

In addition, all of this is played on a table at the top of a large tower, a mechanical shuffling table designed by Kazuya named "Mother Sophie". The table is placed on a set of tracks, and moves towards the losing side's edge with each loss.[1]




  • The computer used in the gamble is named after his real mother.


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