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Maeda is a worker from Group E paying off his debts by working in the underground labor camp.

He is a member of the 45ers.


Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji

He does not play a prominent role in his first appearance.

Initially hesitant, he is the last to join the 45ers. Like the other members, he earns half the amount of perica due to debt. He mainly acts as a support character when Kaiji is gambling.

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji

His role is played up after he gets out of the underground labor camps. He and Miyoshi start working for Takashi Muraoka in his casino. They manage to convince Kaiji to gamble with the president by convincing him that they can help him cheat in the gamble. This gamble being the Mine Field Game “17 Steps”.

Unfortunately for Kaiji, it was the opposite situation; Muraoka managed to convince them that Kaiji must be hiding excess money that he won from the Bog due to the fact that they are ignorant about the massive loan Kaiji took from Endou and that the payout from the Bog was divided among the three who participated. This resulted in them helping Muraoka instead to cheat while gambling with Kaiji.

After Kaiji manages to figure out their betrayal, he attempts to explain to them only for his words to be ignored. He later physically beats them both up before finishing the gamble with Muraoka.

The misunderstanding between the three is never cleared up.

Tobaku Datenroku Kaiji: One Poker-hen

At the beginning of the arc he and Miyoshi are seen talking to Muraoka about the amount of money he lost to Kaiji.


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