The Kneeling Plate Grill (焼き土下座) is an object which the Teiai Corporation deploys as a means of punishment.

Hyōdō states it is used to make an kneeling apology feel genuine although not all participants are willing to kneel on it by their own will. Those unwilling are held down by blacksuits instead. The kneeling must last 10 seconds or else the victim must repeat the process all over again. The grill is shown to be hot enough to vaporize a bucket of water in mere seconds.

There is a second contraption called the forced kneeling cross, which is used when a person cannot go on the kneeling by themselves. If the cross is used, the blacksuits will force the face of the victim down the plate causing the whole face to be roasted.

No one so far can last 10 seconds on the kneeling, except for Tonegawa who managed to last 12 seconds with heavy burn.


Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji

After Tonegawa loses at Kaiji at a game of E-Card, Hyōdō orders the grill to be brought in for Tonegawa to kneel on, as a sign of forgiveness to Kaiji for all the events that transpired during that night.

Tonegawa, determined to follow the orders of his boss, does so himself without being forced to be held down. He then passes out after kneeling. The results or damage of kneeling causes Tonegawa's forehead to be roasted. Since he choose to do it himself, he saves his face from being roasted.

Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa

In the spinoff it is featured more prominently and acts more like a gag object.

In its first appearance Tonegawa mistakenly thinks it is used for cooking with one of the blacksuits realizing its true purpose.

Hyodo orders Yaotome to be put on the plate grill, but Yaotome impresses Hyōdō and Hyōdō decides not to have Yaotome tortured.


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