Kenji Yamazaki (山崎 健二) is a blacksuit part of the team Tonegawa manages in the spin-off series Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa.

He is the only member in the group who has had experience working directly under Kazutaka Hyōdō. Due to this, he knows most of his habits. He is one of the more stricter blacksuits part of Tonegawa's team and serves as something of a second-in-command of the team.

In addition, he also manages the care staff of Masan.


After Tonegawa loses the ability to speak, he is forced to host the second Restricted Rock Paper Scissors game. He stumbles and alters the speech he was giving and the mood of the players.



He originally held some suspicion towards Tonegawa, thinking he only treats them well to better himself. He since has developed a deep admiration for Tonegawa.


  • He was the only one of Tonegawa team, not to have witnessed the first Human Derby, not counting the ones who transferred out or got fired like Ebitani.
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