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Kaiji Gaiden (カイジ外伝) was a one-shot that was published in Young Magazine (Red BUTA No. 12) in 1997. It is a 22 page special created and written by Nobuyuki Fukumoto himself.

The one-shot plays out as a what-if scenario where Kaiji chooses not to accept Endō's offer to attend the Espoir event and tries to pay off his debt by his own means.

It was later included in the official guidebook.


Due to shouldering the debt of his coworker he is forced to seek a means of repaying the loan shark, Endō. Despite Endō offering him a solution, he instead chooses to do it himself. He heads to Macau (China) to earn money through gambling.

While there, he plays a game called Sic bo. Unfortunately for him, he loses and gains an additional debt of ¥3.33 million making his total debt ¥7.18 million. He walks away defeated, ending the one-shot.


  • In the one-shot itself, Fukumoto commented he would never do something like this again.
  • No new characters are introduced nor any characters are named.
    • Even Endō does not make an appearance.