Human Mahjong is a variation of Japanese Mahjong with notable differences; the tiles are replaced with debtors and the four players are the debtors themselves.

Tonegawa invented the concept but it was shot down by Seamon as being too impractical to play. His main points was that they would require a lot of debtors to play (usually 136) and that not everybody knew how to play Mahjong, making it unfair for inexperienced players.

The idea was eventually dropped in favor of Seamons Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors.


The players are all given t-shirts to wear with a tile printed on it. Initially, the tile is covered until they are chosen from the wall, in which they remove the cover to reveal what tile they are.

Because the players are the tiles themselves, they are forced to decide among themselves who to discard or not.

Aside from this difference, the game play and rules remain the same as Mahjong.


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