Hatsue Itou (伊藤 初江) is the mother of Kaiji Itou and an unnamed daughter.

She is depicted as a cheerful and energetic woman. While she can be gullible at times, she is also shown to possess the same sharp mind as her son. She is able to tell very early on that Kaiji is keeping things from her but goes along with it for his sake.

Her wit is best exemplified when she must hide Kaiji from Endou and his lookout team. When she receives a call from the team impersonating Kaiji, she intentionally overreacts and does a bad impression of her son to make them think she is simply a hysterical old woman. Later, after it seems that Kaiji is trapped in the apartment for the foreseeable future; Hatsue is the one who comes up with the plan to get Kaiji out by impersonating his childhood friend Tamotsu Takahashi.

It is implied that she and Kaiji had a healthy relationship growing up. She often references things Kaiji did as a child including cuddling with her often when he was young. When she is introduced she has not seen Kaiji in many years but harbors no ill will towards him, and is very reluctant to let him leave.


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