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Espoir, also known as the The Ship of Hope, is a ship managed by the Teiai Corporation. It was named The Ship of Hope because it provides a last chance for debtors to escape their debt.

The ship is used as a gambling location for those who are in debt by forcing them to take a loan from Teiai in order for them to participate in the gamble forcing them to be in debt with the company.

It is rumored that those who lose in this gamble are forced into manual labor for years. The ship being the means of transport towards the end of the night.

However, there are players who take advantage of the system (called repeaters) to earn more money by constantly participating in the gamble despite not being in debt. Because of this, they are capable of manipulating new players and take advantage of their lack of experience with the gamble.


Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa



  • Espoir is the french word for hope.[1]
  • This is where Kaiji participates in his first gamble in the series.