Ebitani (海老谷) was a blacksuit part of the team Tonegawa manages in the spin-off series Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa.

He is known for being one of the youngest in the group and for going too much into detail with his presentations. He considers Seamon as his rival as they both got employed by Teiai at the same time and are around the same age.

He has a tendency to incorporate a shrimp mascot in all his work and his clothing.


He is the first blacksuit in the group who manages to get himself fired due to his enthusiasm being misplaced as he directly approached Kazutaka Hyōdō himself to get his hand prints for the cards to be used in Restricted Rock, Paper, Scissors.

To make up to Tonegawa, he attempts to help him as much as possible despite no longer being employed at Teiai.

He later attempts to reduce the reputation of Teiai through tweeting hateful tweets on Twitter. He gets caught after posting info that only someone at Teiei should know. Due to this, he is imprisoned and blackmailed to make Teiai's official twitter account accumulate 100k+ followers before being released.

Later in the series he manages to get back into the team as a replacement to Tsukui who leaves after a number of mishaps.


  • He once sent Tonegawa a new years card while he was in mourning.